Yatse pro version on Android fork /e/ with microg without Play Services

Hello everyone,

I made an account because I wanted to ask whether it is possible to activate the pro version of Yatse on /e/, a de-googled Android fork using microg instead of Play services. I just bought the pro version via Paypal and got a link and then installed an unlocker apk, but I don’t think my Yatse app has registered that I’ve unlocked the pro version, as it still suggest I could. To be clear: I have not logged in with any account on OS level, since it isn’t necessary. I use an open source secure email client called FairEmail where I receive my email. Under accounts -> add accounts I’ve got no email account to add.

I’ve mainly bought the unlocker as a way of supporting development. As far as I know, I don’t really need it for any features, since I’ve not come across any limitations. I just like open source and community products and aim to support them when they greatly improve my life - which Yatse definitely does! Nontheless, it would of course be nice if I could use the pro version since I bought it.

I’ve also seen this topic: License without Google Services where the user seems to have the same problem: there is no account registered at os level. Just curious if /e/ with microg still makes it possible to use the unlocked version. If not, I’ll just see it as a donation, that’s no problem :slight_smile:

Just add the account as an Imap account at OS level and disable sync on it as explained on that post :slight_smile:

Licences are tied to email as the red messages explains, and it can’t check anywhere else than OS accounts, hence the limitation that is not really one usually. Still allows to work without Google.

Thank you for your quick reply.
I’ve not got the option (see added screenshots).
I’ll check on the /e/ forum whether I’m missing something.
Tolriq, are you the Yatse developer? In that case: thanks so much for your great work!

Yes I am and you can probably install https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/lineageos/email-3/email-3-9-release/email-9-android-apk-download/ or any client that save the account at OS level.

That worked! I’ve got a similar email app on my phone, but had never used it and as my above screenshots demonstrate it didn’t give the option to add an account. Installing the email app of Lineage did offer me the option to add an exhange account. After doing so, however, I still had Yatse saying: wanna buy the pro version? But then did one time sync my imap exchange account and I re-installed the unlocker and now I have the pro version. Whether syncing was necessary I don’t know. Maybe just reinstalling the unlocker would have been enough. I did get frequent warnings that “exchange services” stopped, logging in was probably enough for the unlocker to know it was me. So thanks for the help!

Yes you need to login for the account to be registered but no need to sync.

And yes reinstalling the unlocker would have been enough or wait for some delays, there’s cache a not instant non stop licence checks.

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Hi. I just found out what is possible with Yatse :grinning: and wanna install the pro version. Since I also use /e/ and I am trying to avoid anything “googled”: is it possible to buy yatse like e.g. the messenger “threema”? It also costs but I can buy a licence on the threema-webpage and I can download the apk from there, too.

Yes you can you have everything in this thread and the other one :slight_smile:

It seems I am blind and I am sorry for that. Where can I buy the pro licence?

From here https://yatse.tv/yatse-payment-troubleshooting be sure to understand the need to register for the correct mail and properly configure your device later. If you are not sure please do not purchase that way :slight_smile:

Can I use the Yatse using microG or will I face any type of problem…?

Untested and unsupported.