Yatse Playlist cannot find/play some songs


First of all: A big thank you for developing Yatse! :pray: :pray: (Since I am an IT guy and have some libraries on github, I know what it means)

Issue description:
I am facing an issue with a playlist created on Yatse: I created a playlist some weeks ago, saved it on my tablet where Yatse is running and wanted to play that playlist now. I noticed that some songs are still playling while others don’t. It seems that Yatse (and Kodi) cannot find them anymore.

Two narrow the issue, I have created newer playlist called “Test” with just two songs, one song is playing on both playlists and one only on the newer one. (details below).

In the (exported) playlist files, I noticed that the song which does not play on the old playlist has different (probably invalid) exterenal ID, i.e. “externalId”:“22871” vs the newer one “externalId”:"22989\
But the songs which plays on both playlist has the same externalID.

Note that between the older and newer playlist

  • No change of media files, i.e. location, folders, or filenames
  • No change of metadata of the songs
  • Some other different album/songs have been added to the kodi music library

Logs and Files:

  • debug.log (106.7 KB)
    shows the attempt to play the song Ruchey on Yatse with the older playlist. It failes and the playlist will just play the first song of the playlist which is still working, i.e. the song “Jupiter”

  • comparing_ruchey.txt (5.1 KB)
    shows extracted content from older and newer playlists, where song “Ruchey” does not play on older but on newer playlist.
    Note: Change of external ID

  • comparing_jupiter.txt (5.2 KB)
    shows extracted content from older and newer playlists, where song “Jupiter” is playing on both playlists.
    Note: external ID is the same

  • Complete playlist files:
    OLDER_playlist.yap.txt (106.0 KB)
    NEWER_playlist.yap.txt (5.2 KB)

Additional information:

kodi --version
18.9 (18.9.0) Git:20201024-0655c2c718 Media Center Kodi
Copyright (C) 2005-2020 Team Kodi - http://kodi.tv

Media File did not change on media library between older and newer playlist,

older playlist was created in March and newer one today, end of April.

stat 07__Soft_Blade__Ruchey.flac
File: ‘07__Soft_Blade__Ruchey.flac’
Size: 44640309 Blocks: 87192 IO Block: 4096 regular file
Device: 851h/2129d Inode: 22282841 Links: 1
Access: (0640/-rw-r-----) Uid: ( 1003/multimedia) Gid: ( 1003/multimedia)
Access: 2022-04-25 21:20:23.857428427 +0200
Modify: 2021-12-29 21:45:51.165104800 +0100
Change: 2021-12-29 21:46:51.227364599 +0100

The external Id is the ID that Kodi returns, so something have changed on Kodi and the IDs have changed, there’s no much Yatse can do here.

For the record you really should update to Kodi 19. There’s a tons of music improvements and fix, including keeping the same IDs in nearly all the cases, versus changing the IDs nearly all the time.

Thanks for your quick reply.

Since Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is out, I will upgrade my server and install latest Kodi.