Yatse not showing some anime titles from jellyfin

some of them only show episode name
debug-20200404_010615.zip (7.6 KB)

I’ll need logs during a sync (swipe down to force) but this sounds like a recurring error on Emby when show have duplicates ID, i think there’s a repair / compact option in Emby settings.

i found the solution!

that’s weird tho, if the shows have one episode why don’t it detect as non empty shows?
jellyfin bug? i don’t think so hmmm

Seems jellyfin have the same issue as Emby about duplicate ID for shows :frowning:
When I request shows they give ID X when I request episode they are returned with show ID being Y.

So not linked and so the show is empty and Yatse delete it with that option.

Could eventually use an access to your server with possible and access to that and see if there’s ways to workaround on jellyfin, did not found one on Emby :frowning: