Yatse not showing available external subtitles at movie summary screen from Kodi at libreelec (RPi5)

Issue description:
After clicking on a movie, it’s not showing the available external subtitles. They are on same directory of the movie (an external drive plugged into a Raspberry Pi 5, with Libreelec), with the same name of the movie file: “12_angry_men.mp4” , “12_angry_men.srt”, “12_angry_men.en.srt” and “12_angry_men.fr.srt”. None of these subtitles appears on Yatse at the summary screen.

Logs: (Join files do not paste the content of the files here !)
[Support] Yatse logs - 20240317_171641.zip (4.0 KB)


Additional information:
Playing the movie on a pc works fine, VLC recognize them just fine.

The logs does not contain a sync, but the data displayed is the data Kodi returns via it’s API.

Yatse does not know more than that.

How can I create a log with enough information? Actually, the majority of the movies in my collection doesn’t display accurately information about subs, even when they are internal to the movie files.

You enable logs and start a sync.

But it will only show you that Kodi does not return the data, there’s no magic here.

I see. Thank you for the feedback.