Yatse not fetching all media info


When playing local files on kodi, yatse will display in the remote/notification: show/movie title, episode title.

It’s different when using kodi to stream from legitimate sources (Netflix/Disneyplus). When I do this, the remote/notification will not show the show title but only the episode title.

Furthermore when using tasker to fetch yatse variables, most of them are blank when using streaming sources in kodi.



Returns all values for local files.

But returns the following for streaming in kodi:

3,plugin://plugin.video.netflix/play/show/80057281/season/80077209/episode/80077368/?profile_guid=xx,Arch2,true,%imdb,DirectoryItem,%plot,0.0,-1,-1,%show_title,%thumbnail,1x01. Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers,true,true

Notice that %show_title, among other variables is missing. %show_episode and %show_season are also missing. Netflix addon conveniently puts the season and episode number in the title. Disneyplus does not. For example Moon knight in Disneyplus addon returns these variables:

3,plugin://slyguy.disney.plus/?_=play&_play=1&content_id=29853478,Arch2,true,%imdb,DirectoryItem,%plot,0.0,-1,-1,%show_title,%thumbnail,The Goldfish Problem,true,true

Is there a way I can make Yatse/tasker fetch the missing variables when using streaming addons in kodi? I kind of want to mitigate using/creating databases where I can link ‘id numbers’ to actual titles.

By the way Yatse is a great app and I have used it for I don’t know how many years. The things mentioned above are very minor issues I have with Yatse.

You need to provide the mandatory logs so I can tell anything :slight_smile:

But at 99% this is those addons that does not properly fill the metadata on Kodi side and then Kodi returns missing data. Yatse displays what Kodi send it does not invent data.

Thanks! I have thought about uploading a kodi log but you have nothing to do with kodi or the addon. And I also thought that a yatse log wouldn’t be very useful either because it the error is on the kodi side. I haven’t seen any clues in the yatse log. I’ll mark this as solved/solution.