Yatse no longer reliably connects and casts to Chromecast

Hi Tolriq,

Recently Yatse mostly fails to properly connect and cast to Chromecast. It may connect and play a video, but after stopping playback and disconnecting it will fail for many, many further attempts on the same video.

I’ve made no configuration changes that I recall. For safety’s sake I’ve imported working settings saved earlier but no luck with that. I’ve also cleared the app’s cache and storage from the Android Settings menu without improvement. Rebooting the phone and the Chromecast didn’t help.

The same happens with Yatse on a second phone where it used to work fine before.

VLC connects to the same Chromecast and plays the same video fine.

Connecting to Chromecast
There are no error messages after turning on casting, but when the Available players dialog is opened again afterwards, it looks the same as before. In other words, it expects a player to be selected, instead of showing the active player (Chromecast) with a STOP CASTING button.

In some cases when opening the Available players dialog again afterwards, Local device is shown as the active player.

However, the big ‘Y’ screen is still displayed by Chromecast in all cases.

Casting a video
When not properly connected, playback does not work correctly, I suppose for obvious reasons. In some cases the playback bar progresses without any other sign of playback. In other cases Yatse would initiate playback to Local device even if it doesn’t show as active under Available players.

kodi/stable,now 2:17.6-3~stretch on Raspberry Pi 3B with latest Raspbian
Yatse 8.5.0a on Nexus 5X with Android 8.1.0

Log file
Please find attached debug.log (230.0 KB)

Let me know if there’s any further information you need from me.

Thank you,

Well logs shows that everything did work and that file did correctly play and you paused / unpaused it.

Please make a video about your issue because your description is totally not clear.

Apologies for the description not being clear.

Steps to reproduce (shown in video):

  1. Press Cast button
  2. In Available players dialog, select Chromecast device: Chromecast display shows connected to Yatse
  3. Press Cast button
  4. Available players dialog comes up instead of Chromecast dialog with volume control, STOP CASTING button etc.
  5. Select video to play
  6. Press play button: playback bar at bottom shows video playing
  7. Press playback bar: playback screen shows progress bar moving, but no video on Chromecast or locally
  8. Pause and stop playback
  9. Press Cast button
  10. Available players dialog still comes up instead of Chromecast dialog with volume control, STOP CASTING button etc.
  11. Open Google Home app: Home shows Chromecast as connected to Yatse
  12. Disconnect casting session: Chromecast display shows disconnected from Yatse


I hope this is clearer. Let me know if you need anything else.

Ok this is a lot more clear :slight_smile:

You have the option automatic offline turned on, and version 8.5.0a use a version of a library with a small issue, meaning that Yatse in some cases can generate quick false offline status. So Yatse automatically revert to local device player as it’s what the option does.

You can disable that option until next version is out.

Only thing strange is that changing the player in that case should stop Yatse on Chromecast, I’ll try to find why it did not happened.

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So my initial description was as confusing as Yatse’s behaviour ;-).

But the main thing is my Yatse is now casting again! :slight_smile: Thanks for spotting the role of the Automatic offline setting.

Perhaps the scope of the offline indication isn’t just limited to the media server/Kodi connection, but also includes at least the Chromecast connection. I.e. the Chromecast connection reacts to the same indication?

Good luck anyway.

Well Yatse behavior is perfectly logical as it does what the option says it should do :slight_smile:

Only issue is the library that triggered the false offline status.

For Chromecast not stopping it’s just a basic race condition will be fixed too.

Hi; this same issue seems to be back. It was working fine only last night but now seems to be behaving exactly as OP mentions in his step by step. I’ve disabled automatic offline as mentioned. Is anyone else having this issues also?

I’ve rebooted my phone, Chromecast, NAS and access point to no avail. Thanks in advance

@Jason_P please open your own issue with logs and details.

This issue is 1 year old …