Yatse modifying the IP address of a host on its own

Issue description: I have 2 active media centers. 1 android phone ( and a fireTV stick ( Everything is working fine and I can cast from the phone to the stick. If I kill Yatse and restart it it sometimes mixes the IP addresses and I end up with both the phone and the stick having the same IP address 192.168.6 so Yatse cannot connect to the phone anymore. If change change back the phone to everything works fine again.

Logs:debug-20210421_235528.zip (89.5 KB)


Additional information: both the stick and the phone have static IP addresses leases on my router.

Yatse have automatic IP finding when an host does not answer.
From the logs that host have been configured with the same MAC address in the settings.

You probably have duplicated the hosts in Yatse or have edited one to be the other at some point.

Remove both hosts and add them again fresh.

Here’s a video of the issue being reproduced:


As you can see, no setting is modified at all. I just kill Yatse and launch it again and the IP is taken from the other host (IP discovery as you mentioned) even though the other host and its IP are still active ending up with twice the same IP.

I have not set any MAC address in Yatse
As for my router, everything is set properly :

2021-04-21 23:54:56.809 Verbose/KodiMatrix: ← [923] {“id”:180,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“result”:{“Network.MacAddress”:“A0:D0:DC:3D:37:23”,“System.FriendlyName”:“Kodi (”}}
2021-04-21 23:54:56.810 Verbose/KodiMatrix: Host found matched data

Yatse check those 2 values so the host at some point was the other one.

As said remove both hosts and add them again without changing their IP it should work without issue.