Yatse is ending on Android

The app has been updated to last beta. I then get from Android the message that yatse has ended and I should close it. is that the beta? I have the latest on it. I have a Galaxy S8

As the beta changelog says, yes there’s currently an unknown issue, but no users seems to be able to explain what they are doing to reproduce the issue :frowning:

Is your device rooted?

Can you please also try to uninstall then install again the beta and see if that fix the issue?

I am having the same issue, I think. Start Yatse. Use it: no problem with any function. Use app switcher or use back key to exit and a message pops up within a few seconds: “Yatse keeps closing”

Sent crash report.

Now will try clearing cache. If problem persists, will reinstall and report back here.


Clearing cache did not help.

Uninstalled then installed beta again and all seems ok.

Thanks for confirming that clearing cache does not help :frowning:

Working with Google to find a proper workaround for the situation they generated :frowning:

Everything works; just annoying.


And now? Will you fix the problem? Otherwise the app is not to use.

So you really can’t read? :slight_smile:

I gave you the solution uninstall / reinstall the application. Your comment brings absolutely nothing and if you do not want to participate in application improvement you should probably avoid joining beta versions.

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Excuse me I have not overlooked your text. Unfortunately, the problem still exists with the new update. How can I send you the log?

Did you uninstall and reinstall?