Yatse in Windows Subsystem for Androis

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I’m a big fan and constant user of Yatse. For me, a Windows version would be perfect as an addition. But I can understand there is none due to the complicated development process that you would have to maintain additionally.
But as Windows is capable of running Android apps now. maybe you could support that by implementing another payment method? I can already install APKs and will try with Yatse today, but there won’t be a chance to unlock the pro features as the Google Play Services are missing …
Maybe you could think about a solution?

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Sorry no proper solution here, it’s still quite limited, and would not be used by many.

Building something complex for 10 users with the risk of Google ban if they find out is not worth it at all.

Understood. But does Google limit you to exclusively offer your software there? Of course. they want to have their share from every payment done in an app that was offered via Google Play. But afaik, it would be possible to offer via other channels and implement different payment methods there. But I’m no expert in these things.
Would the Amazon AppStore eventually be an option as it is integrated in the Windows Subsystem already?

But of course, you’re right, the amount of people is (still?) limited and no one knows if it will be a relevant amount of users in the future. But when it’s set up, it’s pretty convenient.

Amazon is not an option as they decided everything related to Kodi is piracy.

For the rest, Google rules are quite insane there’s many cases that would lead to ban without appeal, certainly not worth the risk;

What a pitty. But thanks for checking anyway.
Maybe you think of me if there is a chance in the future :slight_smile:

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One addition: I managed to install the Google Play Store in the WSA and it is working well so far. Yatse recognizes the license.