Yatse + Home Assistant

Can someone please help me?

I’m trying to launch into a specific Yatse window from Lovelace what is the webpage dashboard for Home Assistant. I’ve create a button that calls the URI listed in the API wiki but to no success.

The webpage is running on the device on which Yatse is install

- type: custom:button-card
                    name: TV Shows
                    state_display: App
                    url_path: 'yatse://command/browse/tvshows'
                      top: 23.9%
                      left: 23.8%
                      width: 47.7%
                      - base
                      - icon_apple_tv

Did not you you can merge template for the custom button card nice to know but unrelated :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway I would need HomeAssistant logs and Yatse logs to see more things and more details than no sucess :slight_smile:

What happens wrong page opened? Nothing opened? What Android version

Solved: It was the browser not handling the URI properly

P.S I can’t take credit the for Lovelace template, I am mostly copying someone
else’s work.

Can you share the solution for others?