Yatse for Apple iOS

Port Yatse to Apple iOS

There is currently no plan for that as not enough hours in a day.

Tolriq, do you by any chance know of an iOS app that slightly resembles Yatse.
A friend of mine whom i recommended Yatse was very disappointed he has no android phone/tablet. Hahaha.
I tried some iPad apps but they can’t compare to Yatse.
Maybe there is an iOS developer who is willing to port Yatse for iOS.

I’m not aware of anything on any platform that can do just half what Yatse can :wink:

And Yatse can not really be ported to iOS as it’s deeply integrated with Android internals, but if nothing can come up of Google then maybe I’ll switch one day :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha, nothing beats Android :blush:

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