Yatse favorites in artist section disappear after they have been toggled

Issue description: Setting a favorite artist in Yatse does sync it to emby, but it always disappears few moments later (or after manual sync). In the end I have favorite artists in emby, but none in yatse.

Logs: debug.log (7.3 MB)


Additional information:

Looks like an Emby issue, they do not return UserData for artists.

Will ask on their forum if it’s known or there’s something special.

Actually it’s a small change in Emby V4 that I forget to apply to artists.

Will be fixed in next release.

Well, I have removed all information from “Insert …” genre, albums and artist statement. Also changed my domain.

I’ve seen that and luckily you did not remove the Emby answers so it was useless (Except domain) and I was able to find the issue :wink: