Yatse fails to stream AAC radio.strm (MP3 strm works)

Issue description:

I’m using Yatse to connect to my Emby server, where I store some .strm files pointing to web radio stream URLs, for example:

80000.strm with mp3 stream url: https://radio80k.out.airtime.pro/radio80k_a
KEXP.strm with aac stream url: https://kexp.streamguys1.com/kexp160.aac

The mp3 radio stream works fine, the aac one doesn’t: The compact player pops up and just dies silently after around 1.5 seconds of failing to play. (I sometimes get a “Too many errors. Stopping playback” toast message, but seemingly only after retrying several times.)

Playing other AAC files (as well as other formats) that aren’t radio streams works fine.
Also, playing the AAC stream works fine on Symfonium, too (assuming Yatse and Symfonium share some of the code).

Also note that I’m using the latest beta version of Emby - as there was a server-side issue with playing AAC streams as well, see https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/120425-no-compatible-streams-for-aac-strm-file/


After enabling the debug mode, I’ve verified that streaming 80000 works, and then attempted to play KEXP immediately after, then stopped recording the debug log.

debug.log (95.6 KB)

Additional information:

Yatse 11.6.0/21108282-arm64-v8a
Emby beta

The radio works in Symfonium when added as radio or via Emby strm too?

in symfonium, it works with both (haven’t tried to add it as a internet radio until now because i don’t think there’s a way to sync these with emby, but it works either way on symfonium anyway)

Then it’s probably fixed in an update of ExoPlayer, unfortunately the update in Yatse is delayed as I need to rewrite something first.

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