Yatse don't show files in cue files

Actually this is more a wish for me.

I have some music VLC media file (.cue) big files. Kodi reads those perfect and i can choose any song from that cue file. But yatse just shows .cue file and don’t read it.

Is it possible to make jatse or kodi read those .cue files so i can choose any song from it?

thanx in advange

Try to enable file mode filter. But Yatse can only display what Kodi sends and have 0 control :frowning:

If you scan those files to Kodi library then Yatse library will show all the song perfectly.

Thanx library shows it … but i often browse files was afraid of it :wink:

Try the file mode filter in the filter button and see what happens :slight_smile: But as said all Kodi side :frowning:

where can i find that file mode filter?

Well exactly where I just told you ? :stuck_out_tongue: In the filter button top right icon :slight_smile:

just activated read disc at special command but don’t see any file mode filter.

When you are browsing in file mode or are you just using the remote screen and all is done on Kodi screen?

Explains everything about Yatse :wink: