Yatse does not connect to Kodi 18.2

Be sure to read https://yatse.tv/wiki/debug-yatse-kodi-remote to provide necessary logs and information.

I have the problem that yatse doesn’t want to connect to the Kodi 18.2 on my Win 10 computer.

With the 18.1 it worked. Kodi settings are also ok.

I also controlled the firewall. Kodi is released in the private network.

On the same computer I also installed Ember which has access to Kodi.

With Kodi 17.6 on my Linux PC everything is ok.

Does Yatse have a problem or is it my computer?

I hang a Yatse Log on it.

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Additional information:
debug.log (2.6 MB)

I do not see any attempt to add a new host in Yatse nor see an error so it will be hard to help more.

But this is not on Yatse side :slight_smile: