Yatse changing Plex server IP address from WAN to LAN

I’ve got Yatse setup to be able to listen to music on the Plex server hosted on my network. Whenever I set the server to the public-facing IP address on port 32500 (obviously my router forwards this internally to the LAN IP address and port 32400) at some point it gets changed automatically to 192.168.1.x with a port of 32400 and I can no longer listen to music when outside of my network. What’s causing this, and how can I get it to stop? Even better, I’d like to be able to use a hostname like “blahblah.com” instead of an IP address for the server but that doesn’t seem to be supported. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for any help.

Everything is supported and as the template says logs are mandatory :slight_smile:

If you connect via plex.tv account then Yatse auto switch the IP to the correct one when you switch network.
If you skip that part and manually configure your server then Yatse accept anything and won’t change the IP.

Hey Tolriq,
Thanks for the response and pointing me in the right direction (and sorry about not including the logs, any message I post in the future will include them). I’ve found the method of adding the server you suggested and it appears to have worked, including using the hostname instead of the IP address. Fingers-crossed this has solved my problem. Thanks again!