Yatse causing excessive JSON-RPC calls spam

Issue description:
When using Yatse to control LibreELEC 12.0.0 (Kodi 21.0), there are excessive amounts of a JSON-RPC calls being sent to Kodi over the http service.

When I have Yatse in foreground this keeps on spamming. I have enabled kodi debug log with verbose logging for JSON-RPC, and WebServer. When I put Yatse in background, it stops spamming these.

2024-06-26 17:52:58.571 T:2389    debug <general>: JSONRPC: Incoming request: {"id":424,"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"Application.GetProperties","params":{"properties":["volume","muted"]}}

Kodi Debug Log: https://dpaste.com/4443PKLXX

This is normal and have no impact unless you enable debug mode in Kodi.

I’m actually having an another issue with being caused by usage of Yatse after upgrading to LibreELEC 12 build.

If you can check this out, 7.0.8 beta 2 - always considering the beta factor.. some various video can't playable due to a strange error in the kodi.log.. · Issue #801 · anxdpanic/plugin.video.youtube · GitHub

Then you might be able to understand it better. I’m trying to reduce the JSON-RPC from Yatse.

Well Yatse works like that since 12 years, the JSON queries are nearly instant and it’s only 2 queries every 1.5 seconds.

Your issue is not tied to that, and even if it was then it’s something broken on Kodi side.