Yatse & BubbleUPnP Server


I have more of a technical question I couldn’t find a easy answer for. I have a BubbleUPnP Server set up on one of my machines. This server is configured in Yatse (License is also on my phone, but not the BubbleUPnP App) without the option to use the local BubbleUPnP Application. Now I also have MX Player set as my default player if I want to watch something on my phone.

I see that Bubble UPnP is used when streaming to my Chromecast which is exactly my goal to achieve transcoding. However it seems to be also used when playing on my phone using MX Player. Since the Transcoding works on a “basic” level (no fast forward, rewind etc., which is okay for the Chromecast Devices) this also happens on the phone.

The question is, is there any way to use the transcoding by BubbleUPnP when streaming to a Chromecast Device but exclude my smartphone?

Check the proper settings :slight_smile:

You need to enable more audio codecs probably for local device player. Without logs I can’t tell why it’s transcoding :wink:

Hi Tolriq,

so sorry, you are correct, I didn’t provide any Logs. Your Tip was good, I was missing proper Settings in MX Player. That solved it.
If I may take the opportunity when on topic. I checked Yatse Streaming Settings also and found the Expert Setting “Transcode only if mandatory”. I understand what the option does obviously, but could you tell me how it is decided if it is mandatory or not? Wouldn’t that be a setting that makes sense to always have active?

No it’s not :slight_smile: It’s for media that can’t be directly accessed without transcoding like live tv from Emby and Plex.

If the media can be directly accessed then it’s directly accessed even if the target player require transcoding.

For Kodi that would mean never transcode :slight_smile:

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Thank you Tolriq, that makes sense, but I wouldve probably never thought of that myself.
You helped a great deal.
I will send another donation your way those next few days (not because you helped, but I remembered :smiley: )

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