Yatse App crashes when a series or movie is played

Issue description:
The Galaxy S10 Plus got an Android beta update and since then Yatse doesn’t work anymore.

If not played in Kodi, yatse does not crash either.
As soon as something plays crash the app and doesn’t start anymore until I finish the playback in Kodi.

In Android 10 Beta 1 Update everything still worked and with Beta 2 Update the app doesn’t work anymore.


Additional information:

Galaxy S10 Plus Android 10 Beta 2

Sounds a like a Samsung bug :slight_smile:
Anyway logs do not show the crash, if you do not have access to logcat you need to press accept when Google ask if you want to send the crash data so i receive it in the Google console.

Else you’ll need to provide complete logcat (require root) so I can have the crash information.

@SchokoKeks actually I’ll need the bug report from the device as one graph shows that there were crash on Samsung devices the last 2 days, but 0 crash in the crash log so probably a real nasty Samsung bug that prevent the crash upload to Google.

See https://developer.android.com/studio/debug/bug-report and provide them by mail as there may be private information in those.

Else you need to report to Samsung hoping they can fix quickly.

@SchokoKeks There’s absolutely nothing I can do about a Samsung beta bug (like adding some workaround) if you do not provide those information.

So I’ll close this and either hope next Samsung beta fix it or some other user do provide the info.