Yatse App + BubbleUPNP + Chromecast = Cant navigate

Good night friends,

I bought Yatse and BubbleUPNP on PlayStore to try to stream my Kodi library to Chromecast, but saw that videos streamed to Chromecast were muted, on a quick internet search I saw that Chromecast audio codec support is poor and for archive the best experience i should try using BubbleUPNP to transcode audio in a format recognized by Chromecast.

Casting through the Yatse app is now working correctly, but with some issues, I can’t move forward, rewind, or resume where I left off. When I’m streaming with BubbleUPNP encoding turned on, I can’t even see the length of the episode I’m watching.

Do you guys have any idea what might help me?

If you need more information please let me know!

I am currently using the following setup:
Kodi (on my PC)
BubbleUPNP (on my PC)
Yatse (on my phone)


What about providing the mandatory logs as the template says? :slight_smile:

And BTW thanks for the nice bad rating :wink: