Yatse android does not know how to work on vpn which is configured on the system where kodi is running

Kodi is installed on a system with a vpn server and I sometimes need yatse android running via vpn connected to the server with Kodi running.
When sending file from yatse android app to kodi with vpn connected. Yatse sends the wrong ip of the android device on which yatse is installed. I took this log from tcpdump. > Flags [P.], cksum 0xd636 (correct), seq 11421:12250, ack 11312, win 432, options 
[nop,nop,TS val 12291460 ecr 1698060520], length 829: HTTP, length: 829
POST /jsonrpc HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Content-Length: 639
Connection: Keep-Alive
Accept-Encoding: gzip
User-Agent: okhttp/4.9.1


Kodi writes the following in its logs.

2021-03-14 14:59:31.072 T:140192665024256  NOTICE: ES: Client  from ::ffff: timed out
2021-03-14 15:04:01.344 T:140194560833280   ERROR: CCurlFile::Stat - Failed: Timeout was reached(28) for 
2021-03-14 15:04:31.378 T:140194560833280   ERROR: CCurlFile::FillBuffer - Failed: Timeout was reached(28)
2021-03-14 15:04:31.378 T:140194560833280   ERROR: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 0 for 

Log from yatse.
debug-20210314_183452.zip (7.6 KB)

As said and the template says I need Yatse logs : How to get debug information and open a proper issue

Be sure to force kill the process after enabling logs and reproducing.

Here are the logs generated by yatse.


I did ask that you forced killed Yatse you did not in those logs.

This is Sunday, please take time to read what I write :slight_smile:

I did everything according to the instructions to create a yatse log. And if the log seems large to you, then I indicated a specific problem above with logs from other programs. Sorry for any misunderstandings …

As I wrote:

If you do not kill Yatse, Yatse will keep using the same IP and won’t log the necessary part where it decide what IP to use.

So I have perfectly understood that Yatse does not use the proper IP, but without the logs showing the part where Yatse decide the one to use there’s nothing I can do.

debug-20210314_183452.zip (7.6 KB)


2021-03-14 18:33:36.706 Verbose/CastUtils: Found IPs - Wifi: null / null, Mobile:, P2P: null
2021-03-14 18:33:36.707 Verbose/CastUtils: Selected IP:

The VPN should be logged in the P2P part seems Yatse does not properly identify it, is the mail related to your account here valid so I can send you a special build with more logs about the VPN interface names / types ?

The tracker is public I’ve removed your mail will send you a test build.

My vpn interface is ppp0.

debug-20210314_201204.zip (7.1 KB)

Thanks seems I filtered on a wrong interface attribute removing it.

Will fix for next release.

And thank you for the great app and great support.