Yatse Add-on and YouTube lins

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Issue description:
No longer possible to send YouTube links via “Share” on Android to Kodi.
Was working perfectly fine in the past but stopped a few days/weeks ago. Nothing happens on the Kodi screen.

Logs: (Join files do not paste the content of the files here !)
kodi_normal.log (2.1 KB)
kodi_debug.log (7.8 KB)


Additional information:
Is this related to the Yatse addon or is this more of an issue with the YouTube addon? It looks a little bit like the YouTube addon is not accepting/processing the video URL? :thinking:

From the logs you have enabled dash support in Youtube so Yatse plugin is using it and not it’s internal resolution system.

So the issue is on the Kodi Youtube addon side. You can disable dash support in Kodi addon so that Yatse addon does the resolution and it will probably work. (But no 4K resolution in that case)

I am also having this issue. With Tolriq’s answer I’ve made a bug report to the Youtube app, linking to this post as well.