Yatse 9.6.0 released

  • Important: As announced earlier, smart filters and editing custom commands are now paid features, default custom commands can still be imported in free version, please contact support if you think more defaults should be added.
  • Implemented smart playlists. You can now create dynamic playlists from smart filters with limits and sorts!
  • Added support for now playing song rating for Plex.
  • Added support for seeking even when transcoding generate non seekable content.
  • Updated many Google libraries, please report any issues to support as usual.
  • Fixed configured starting page not working sometimes.
  • Fixed some issues when streaming m3u8 files to Chromecast.
  • Fixed playlist ordering and reodering not always working.
  • Fixed some rare streaming issues.
  • Fixed some issues with cancelling download manager tasks.
  • Many details fixes and optimizations.

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