Yatse 9.3.0 released

  • Last large bunch of internal changes for now, return of bigger new features after the holidays :slight_smile: (Do not forget to make feature requests if they are not already on the website).
  • New host information dialog to see database media counts. (Accessible from host icon in left menu and 3 dots menu in hosts lists)
  • Many new text fields can be selected for copy/paste.
  • Google search button for cast.
  • Added back Ukrainian translation thanks to AndriiZ.
  • Fixed some issues with writers/directors.
  • Fixed favorites for local device library items where lost on sync.
  • Fixed some more UPnP things, if you have any issue contact support with logs, some devices do not respect standard but often workarounds can be created with your help.
  • Many details fixes and optimizations.

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