Yatse 9.1.5 released

  • Seek from notification in Android Q beta 2.
  • Support embedded music images for local device music library.
  • Library favorites are now synced with Emby/Jellyfin server.
  • Configurable delay for picture slideshows.
  • AI voice commands for Italian language.
  • Stop debug mode from left menu and easier issue reporting from Help / About.
  • Jellyfin is now a first class client with dedicated add entry and icons.
  • Migrated AI voice agent to new API, recognition success can be lower for a few days until agent trains a little.
  • Tweaking of now playing design for music.
  • Fixed edge case where image cache folder was reset after a restart.
  • Add support for Jellyfin 10.3 new authentication
  • Many details fixes and optimizations.

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