Yatse 8.9.0 beta 1

8.9.0 Beta 1:

Due to the low number of users answering the Android 4.X survey, this is one of the latest version to support Android 4.x.
Kodi 18 is fully supported and so this version will continue to work for a very long time, Android 4.x users just won’t be able to access new features.

  • Trying again new compilation mode, this time is the good one :slight_smile:
  • Added: Favourites support for library items, you can now set media items as favourites, filter on them and sort them first (Configurable in settings).
  • Added: Sleep timer. Stop currently playing media/queue after a delay, accessible from now playing 3 dots.
  • Added: You can now export and import custom commands to files for easy sharing. (Unlocker only) (Do not hesitate to use the forum to share useful commands)
  • Added: Duplicate custom commands.
  • Fixed: Quick settings tiles on Android 9.
  • Fixed: Improved volume handling of local player when out of Yatse on some devices.
  • Fixed: Fixed custom commands image quality on some devices when assigned to remote screen.
  • Fixed: Possible streaming stop when remote players takes time to load items in a queue.
  • Many details fixes and optimizations.
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