Yatse 8.6.0 released

Yatse still needs your help to counter Google robots :slight_smile: If you own a blog or a website and are willing to talk about Yatse please contact us.

  • Added: Add new Smart Sync feature, to automatically download episodes and/or remove watched ones to your local device for easy offline watching during commutes without worrying about it. (Fully configurable per show or season)
  • Added: Add new setting to limit downloads to Wifi only. (With auto pause when no more on Wifi)
  • Added: Enabled Spanish language for AI voice commands.
  • Fixed: Fix Yatse working in proxy mode in some sharing case.
  • Fixed: Fix some UPnP discovery issues.
  • Fixed: Fix Kodi 16 music sync.
  • Fixed: Fixed MPC detection for Kodi 18. (Requires Kodi 18 beta 1)
  • Fixed: Fix Media Player Classic custom commands.
  • Fixed: Fix favorites sorting.
  • Fixed: Update Google libraries to try to fix some rare crashes. (As always please report any bugs)
  • Fixed: Fix streaming for Kodi versions that continues to ship with broken LibMicroHttpd…
  • Fixed: Some other reported issues and always more optimizations.

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