Yatse 8.5.5 released

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  • Added: Android Auto now list albums when browsing from Artists.
  • Added: Add support for external album covers and date added for local device music library.
  • Added: Artists smart filter on Genre and Type. (Kodi 18+)
  • Added: New voice commands to AI engine (English only) Play music videos, Next audio track for videos, audio & video library clean and scan.
  • Added: Add new option to automatically revert to default renderer when another app is detected on Chromecast after a successful start (On by default).
  • Changed: Use proper normalized genres for albums with Kodi 18+.
  • Changed: Some changes on handling Source library smart filters. You may need to recreate yours if you saved some.
  • Changed: Ignore articles option is now on by default for new users and articles list is more like Kodi default one.
  • Changed: Some updates to offline files locations to reduce risk of deletion by other โ€œoptimizerโ€ apps.
  • Changed: More Kotlin and compiled against latest Android 9 Pie SDK.
  • Fixed: Some fixes when handling sharing from other apps. (Sharing from WhatsApp to Chromecast should work now for example)
  • Fixed: Some changes to internal Music Player to fix rare crashes.
  • Fixed: Properly display images thumbnails when browsing local device in file mode.
  • Fixed: Some reported issues. (Remember that Play Store comments are not for support;))
  • Fixed: Some rare crash and more optimizations.

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