Yatse 8.2.0 released

  • Introducing Yatse Kodi Add-On that will help bypassing JSON limitations and bugs. As it can’t be an official plugin this means users needs to manually install it.
  • See https://yatse.tv/redmine/projects/yatse/wiki/AddonRepository for installation guide and https://github.com/Tolriq/repository.yatse.kodi to contribute translations or ideas / code.
  • Added: The Add-On allow selection of shared magnet link player.
  • Added: The Add-On allow resolution of many previously non supported shared links.
  • Added: Allow remapping of the power button.
  • Added: Better handling of non square posters in Android 8+ notifications.
  • Fixed: Workaround for Chromecast undocumented change that broke playlists.
  • Fixed: Issues with voice commands.
  • Fixed: External subtitles when streaming to Chromecast / UPnP from offline downloaded media.
  • Fixed: Small reported issues and performance improvements.
  • Temporary disabling Android Auto support due to Google bot bug. Should be back soon.