Yatse 8.1.6 released

  • Changed: Applied new better internals to Addons / PVR and Files part of the application.
  • Added: Plex and Emby wizards now properly auto detect HTTPS mode and no longer require advanced settings edition.
  • Added: Sort by track number for Music Videos.
  • Fixed: Editing Custom Commands.
  • Fixed: Some issues with action bar title sometimes showing up when it should not.
  • Fixed: Artist name missing in now playing playlist.
  • Fixed: Remapped button left / right of volume auto repeat being activated.
  • Fixed: Workaround for one more JSON Kodi bug: Returning random strings for now playing items durations from RSS (Trac:17753 if anyone care at Kodi team ;)).
  • Fixed: Some reported issues and tons of optimizations.