Yatse 7.8.5 released

  • Added: Rewrite of internal image handling for improved performance.
  • Added: Complete new Hebrew translation thanks to E. Bodankin.
  • Added: %currenthost% placeholder for HTTP custom commands.
  • Added: More direct actions from overview screens for episodes and music.
  • Fixed: Hopefully all Android O final issues.
  • Fixed: A few edge cases issues, thanks to users who took time to report them with details.
  • Fixed: Usual details and optimizations for an always better application.

Reminder: The remote part of the application is now linked to active renderer instead of active media center source. If you have no remote screen, then press stop cast and verify that you are connected to the media center you want to control.
Reminder: Support for Android ICS (4.0.X) will be dropped in the coming months.