Yatse 7.6.5 released

  • Added: Major internal rewrites to get rid of 6 years old code. Huge performance and stability increase.
  • Added: Plex / Emby, support connecting via reverse proxy sub path (https://ip:port/subpath).
  • Added: Sort by name for PVR channels.
  • Fixed: Some smart filters bugs with Files / Sources.
  • Fixed: Playing local files containing # in the filename.
  • Fixed: Most reported issues, as always only reported issues with details can be addressed.

Reminder: The remote part of the application is now linked to active renderer instead of active media center source. If you have no remote screen, then press stop cast and verify that you are connected to the media center you want to control.
Reminder: Support for Android ICS (4.0.X) will be dropped in the coming months.