Yatse 7.5.5 released

  • Added: Thanks to Daniel Stahl there’s is now an Onkyo receiver plugin.
  • Added: Kodi: Support for Pixel Aspect Ratio control from now playing video settings.
  • Added: Kodi: Krypton+, you can now toggle watched status from file mode for videos not scrapped.
  • Added: Emby and Plex support are no more labeled as Beta (Still no transcoding), as all reported issues are now closed. Please continue to make feature requests to show interest on those platforms.
  • Added: Playing media from Yatse is correctly displayed in Emby / Plex dashboards.
  • Fixed: Emby music download.
  • Fixed: Plex tv shows banners.
  • Fixed: Rare UPnP streaming high battery usage on Android 7.
  • Fixed: Most reported issues, as always only reported issues with details can be addressed.

Important: Support for Android ICS (4.0.X) will be dropped in the coming months.