Yatse 7.0.0 released with complete new design

Important: New design and lot of changes, nothing is missing it may just have been moved.

  • Added: Complete new design and themes thanks to Liam Spradlin. Nothing was removed but things may have moved :slight_smile:
  • Added: Always accessible remote when swiping from outside the right of the screen (Opposite of left menu gesture).
  • Added: Multiple main remote layouts (Changed in settings).
  • Added: Support VLC as video player for watched status and resuming handling (See settings).
  • Added: HTTPS support for connecting to Kodi via reverse proxy.
  • Added:Album artist only filter (Require Kodi Krypton).
  • Added: Can now work without Event Server. This is really (really !) not recommended but may be necessary to workaround some Kodi Krypton bugs or to control via reverse proxy.
  • Added: Other forgotten things.
  • Fixed: Too many things to remember.