Yatse 6.5.5 released

  • Introducing Yatse Remote Starter for Android TV and boxes. Allows to start Kodi on those devices directly from Yatse. (Search Play Store for installation on those devices)
  • Reminder: Yatse offers a lot of different plugins to extends its features without impacting permissions. See Play Store for more details.
  • Added: Option to not stop picture player when leaving preview inside Yatse.
  • Added: Play from here to Files / Playlist browsing.
  • Fixed: Issue with Kodi not supporting IPV6 for Event Server, will now force IPV4 use for that if possible. (Kodi 17 should support IPV6 for Event Server)
  • Fixed: Do not use A/V receiver plugins to control volume when streaming.
  • Fixed: Some bugs and details.