Yatse 5.9.0 released

  • Full support of EzeeCube, including it’s QR Code pairing system.
    For this occasion a special discount code is available : Use the code YATSE75 to get 75$ off the retail price at http://www.ezeecube.tv .
  • Complete internal rewrite to use more Google code (Recyclerview, CoordinatorLayout, …).
  • Support play locally for music playlist / folders in file mode (1 level recursivity / limited to Kodi sometimes bugged default sorting)
  • Add Jarvis support with proper icon.
  • Add support for Android M Direct Share. (Can be disabled in settings).
  • New option for DLNA streaming.
  • More details in video info views. (Audio channels, more Codecs, details about audio / subtitles streams)
  • Optimizations for users with lot of Widgets.
  • Add Ukrainian translation (Thanks vvnadolskyy).
  • Add Galician (Spain) translation (Thanks xurxogp).
  • Tons of visible and invisible details.
  • Performance and bug fixes.