Yatse 5.5.0 released

Important : This version drop support for XBMC Eden.

A lot of internals were updated in this release and bugs may surface even if each release goes through a beta phase with more than 1800 users.
So please if you have any problem contact me for quick support and fixes instead of bad rating.

Important : Due to Google deprecation Cloud Save is migrated from Save State to Saved Games. Please open Cloud Save once for migration of exported hosts and export your settings again.

Reading old saves still works but Google have not given an ETA for complete out of support.

The good new is that all those long timed planned rewrite finally open lot’s of new things for future and allow major speed improvements.

Also present:

  • New image loading engine based on Glide.
  • Add swipe to refresh to start database sync + refresh file mode listing.
  • Add new option group movies by set in main list.
  • New option to display special episode in seasons listings.
  • New screens to help managing offline files. See space used / free, quickly delete multiple files, …
  • Allow importing / renaming of favourites.
  • Add easy audio / subtitle delay adjustment during playback.
  • Add support for multiple SSID per host.
  • Add Vietnamese translation (Thanks ngochoangimsat).
  • Other forgotten things.
  • Tons of bug fixes / optimizations.