Yatse 11.0.0 released

This is a major version, with design changes, targeting Android 13 and requiring Android 6+

  • Yatse now requires at least Android 6. Previous versions will continue to work on your older devices without any issues.
  • Long overdue major design update, complete tuning of every UI details while keeping the same UX to reduce the flow of insults from last large update:
    • The updated themes, and added support of Material you, requires removal of most of the current media center accent color. Please contact support with details about why you’d absolutely need this.
    • The themes are now based on Material design 3, you can use Google theme generator to propose new themes for integration in Yatse.
    • The icon font for custom commands have been updated for consistency, you may have to update your defined icons.
  • Targeting Android 13 with the associated changes when using it:
    • OS level language configuration.
    • Themed icon.
    • New permissions for local device files.
    • Updated notification handling.
  • Added: Support for Material you themes. (Android 12+)
  • Added: Setting option to disable image rounding.
  • Changed: Many external libraries updates, as always contact support if any issues…
  • Fixed: Single season download.
  • Fixed: Possible UPnP issues when casting images
  • Some other reported issues and always more optimizations.

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