Yatse 10.8.5 released

  • Added: Support to download media to Android Downloads folder. (Those files are not fully integrated as normal offline mode and are just downloaded).
  • Added: New option for default PVR recording click action.
  • Added: Japanese translation thanks to WaitingMoon.
  • Changed: Upgrade to new major Kotlin / coroutines version. Should have no impact but you know how to contact support if there is :slight_smile:
  • Changed: Improved Chromecast receiver.
  • Fixed: More workarounds for Kodi returning invalid data.
  • Fixed: Fix list widgets sometimes not working when clicking items.
  • Fixed: Scroll position sometimes lost when going back to previous screen.
  • Fixed: Some Emby audio transcoding profiles.
  • Fixed: Adapted to some breaking changes in recent Jellyfin server updates.
  • Fixed: Plex file mode favorites.
  • Fixed: Improved support of Mi Speakers as Chromecast targets.
  • Fixed: Some other reported issues and always more optimizations.

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