Yatse 10.8.0 released

Note: Android 12 have high chances to break Yatse public API. Please join Yatse community (Forum) to discuss about your usage of it to try to build an alternative API.

  • Added: Support for file mode browsing for Plex (Browsing per directory, pictures, …).
  • Added: Experimental PVR support for Plex (Please contact support with logs to help fixing issues as there’s many different backends).
  • Added: Add support for Kodi 19 catch-up TV (Play directly from past EPG events).
  • Changed: Breaking change to CustomCommands API as there’s no known public users. If you have a private plugin see CC plugin doc for needed changes.
  • Changed: Tasker plugin command to send notification is updated to use 2 parameters, please update your commands to split title and message.
  • Changed: Tasker plugin change renderer now support more precises parameters for migrations, please see wiki.
  • Fixed: Possible infinite retries for smart downloads errors.
  • Fixed: Improve host search wizard when you reconnect to wifi during the search.
  • Fixed: Faster UI update when toggling mute and using AV receiver plugins.
  • Fixed: Allociné changed it’s search url.
  • Fixed: Personnal mixes now respect offline only setting when casting or playing locally.
  • Fixed: Missing image in Android Wear in some cases.
  • Fixed: Some other reported issues and always more optimizations.

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