Yatse 10.7.5 released

Note: Android 12 have high chances to break Yatse public API. Please join Yatse community (Forum) to discuss about your usage of it to try to build an alternative API.

  • Added: Support for more mp4/mp4a audio files on local media player.
  • Added: Active filters are now shown when media lists are empty to easily remove them.
  • Changed: Allow browsing Book media type for Jellyfin file mode. (You still need to use Music library type for proper audio book integration).
  • Changed: Yatse wizard now show more technical errors for easier support about Kodi/Network issues.
  • Changed: Try again to update some Google libraries, if you have issues with action bar positioning please contact support with logs and screenshots/device details.
  • Changed: Rewrite widget internals to prepare for Android 12. (As always, if you have issues with widgets please contact support).
  • Fixed: IMDb app no longer starting when clicking IMDB button in cast details.
  • Fixed: Updated many external libraries, as usual report issues to support.
  • Fixed: Fix some edges case when streaming from Yatse over VPN.
  • Fixed: Improve playlists smart sync performance.
  • Fixed: Personnal mixes now respect offline only setting when casting or playing locally.
  • Fixed: Remove RTL hack for Kodi 19 as it seems it’s finally fixed on Kodi side.
  • Fixed: Fix long pressing now playing seekbar for precise seek sometimes leaving the time popup visible.
  • Fixed: Some other reported issues and always more optimizations.

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