Yatse 10.7.0 released

  • Added: Support more IDs provided by media centers to directly propose Trakt, TMDb, TVDB links amongst the existing IMDb ones.
  • Added: Support album durations. (Display, sort and smart filter)
  • Added: Proper integration with system equalizer for local audio player.
  • Added: Sort by first aired for episodes.
  • Changed: Previous button in music player will now return to start of track when enough time have played for consistency with other music players.
  • Changed: Compiled for Android 11 to start tests before Google makes it mandatory. If you use Android 11 and have regressions, please contact support with logs.
  • Changed: For Android 11, direct file access is now forbidden. You need to manually give access to folders for local device file browsing mode (Press the + button). (You may need to recreate your favorites as a side effect)
  • Changed: Updated many external libraries, as usual report issues to support.
  • Fixed: Show proper player speed for Kodi.
  • Fixed: Proper local player previous/next button support in repeat one mode.
  • Fixed: Starting trial from first wizard now works.
  • Fixed: Some other reported issues and always more optimizations.

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