Yatse 10.3.0 released

  • Added: Multiple personal mix generators (Albums, songs, decades) for optimized and pleasant library playing.
  • Added: Experimental support for Plex home and managed users when logged in via Plex.tv accounts. (Please report back on this feature)
  • Added: Local and network renderers now support more dynamic playlist allowing you to queue very large playlist without having to wait.
  • Added: Yatse now gives more information about the offline reason and give advices on fixing your configuration.
  • Added: For Kodi 19+ display more subtitles information like forced or default in subtitle selection list.
  • Added: For Kodi 19+ better handling of some remote keys when Event Server is disabled.
  • Added: Allow direct hosts and settings restore from file during first run.
  • Changed: Limited cast dialog position changing by fixing it’s size to avoid miss clicks when new renderers are discovered.
  • Changed: Apply albums years to songs for Plex as Plex does not support song year, but some functions works better with song years.
  • Fixed: Using Queue on Media Center share function sometimes did not start playback when nothing was playing.
  • Fixed: Only update resume points and last played if the media is played a minimum amount of time.
  • Fixed: Do not show non existent preferences during preference search.
  • Fixed: Now playing image sometime missing.
  • Fixed: Some other reported issues and always more optimizations.

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