Yatse 10.2.5 released

  • Added: Enabled multiple view type for favourites.
  • Added: Improve Kodi party mode discoverability by adding it directly to song FAB.
  • Added: Support for Bandcamp addon when sharing from Bandcamp.
  • Changed: Apply album genres to songs for Plex as Plex does not support song genre but a few functions works better at song level.
  • Changed: Another big internal change, as usual report issues and crashes to support.
  • Fixed: A few music play count issues with Plex.
  • Fixed: Playing media on some remote Plex clients, added support for volume control.
  • Fixed: Some edge case of music playcount / lastplayed handling with local music player.
  • Fixed: Browse SD Card from local device can sometimes be missing.
  • Fixed: Offline filter for smart playlists.
  • Fixed: Possible Plex loggin error with non primary accounts.

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