Yatse 10.10.0 released

Note: Google finally reduced its commission on purchases, if you ever hesitated to support Yatse, now is the perfect time to purchase or donate :slight_smile:

  • Added: Plot in smart filters for shows, episodes and movies.
  • Reminder: Be sure to update any plugin like Call plugin, Voice assistant, SMS, … to avoid any future issue when legacy mode is dropped (Very soon).
  • Fixed: Added some very ugly and slow workaround for Jellyfin API bug that they do not seem to want to fix. If you have wrong artist association or still some missing ones please contact support.
  • Fixed: Better handling of duplicates between libraries for Emby / Jellyfin.
  • Fixed: Some possible casting issues with content uris.
  • Fixed: Better support of DSD and DSF file when casting.
  • Fixed: Subfolders sometimes not playing for music in file mode play all random.
  • Fixed: Bottomsheet transparent under navigation bar.
  • Fixed: Some other reported issues and always more optimizations.

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