Yatse 10.0.5 Beta 1

10.0.5 Beta 1:

  • Important: As announced earlier, local device media center usage is now a paid feature.
  • Added: Audio player variable playback speed (0.5 to 3x) for Audio Books lovers.
  • Added: Support for songs, albums and audio playlist resuming. (If you have more request for audio books please use community forum)
  • Added: Starting recently played albums from Android Auto will automatically resume them for easier
    Audio Book handling during commutes.
  • Added: Android Auto can now display grids when appropriate and always provide images for display consistency.
  • Added: New options for Android Auto to help handling large list that it does not support well. (Disable images and automatic letter navigation for large lists)
  • Added: In preparation for Android R, custom commands and settings export are now saved internaly (But still automatically shared for easy copy)
  • Added: Easy import of custom commands from files
  • Added: Internal file manager to share or delete logs and exported files (Custom commands and settings)
  • Added: Return of Greek translation thanks to Choritis M.
  • Changed: Added a warning in left menu when remote is missing due to no support from current player. (Can be removed in settings)
  • Fixed: Some possible usage of pro features after trial end.
  • Fixed: Added workarounds for some Android memory leaks.
  • Fixed: Properly update Kodi last played date when playing fully offline media.
  • Fixed: Added confirmation dialog before resetting settings.
  • Fixed: Many other fixes and optimizations.
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