Yatse 10.0.0 Beta 1

10.0.0 Beta 1:

  • Important: New themes are still opened to changes via constructive critics and there’s room for 1 or 2 more themes, contact support via forum for detailed proposals.
  • Changed: Major tweaking, improvements and fixes for all themes.
  • Added: 2 new themes
  • Added: 3 themes variations that follow Android 10 dark mode setting to switch between two themes.
  • Removed: No more light with dark remote theme, as nearly not used and Android 10 dark mode switch better fit that need.
  • Note: Remember that accentColor is configurable for each hosts and that not all color combination looks good :slight_smile: Edit your hosts to change it’s color.
  • Added: Edge to edge design for Android 10.
  • Added: Smart filters for top sections are now kept between sessions.
  • Changed: Updated major Google libraries, please report any issues to support as usual.
  • Fixed: Properly reload PVR filters on host change.
  • Fixed: Some rare issues with offline downloads.
  • Fixed: Playing video queues on local device stopping after 2 videos.
  • Fixed: Many other fixes and optimizations.
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