XBMCStarter doesn't start on boot

Issue description: How do I get XBMCStarter to run on boot?

Start with Windows is checked in the program and it get listed in Task manager - Startup but it still doesn’t run. Other programs run on boot so nothing fishy with the function itself.

And the program work as intended if I start it manually so no worries on that part either.



Additional information:

Lack some details here :slight_smile:

Where is it installed? Did you gave it admin permissions if in Program Files?

Your questions seems to aim at problems with getting xbmcstarter to start Kodi which I have none. Just as I wrote above.

The problem is about getting xbmcstarter to start on Windows boot up.

But to clarify it.

Xbmcstarter can launch Kodi just fine so yes it has admin rights since Kodi is installed at the default location.

Your answers seems to aims at the wrong question :wink:

I did ask where did you install the XBMCStarter and if the starter have admin permissions when right click and launch mode. Those question are 100% unrelated to Kodi actually.
One other possibility is that it’s actually started but you need to play with the delay if your network is slow to start and the app starts before everything is up and running.

Oh, OK.
Then the info on How to start Kodi remotely from Yatse is kind of misleading since that indicates that the need for admin start rights is in direct relation to where Kodi is installed and not xbmcstart itself. You might want to clarify that.

Are there different versions of xbmcstarter? Because the only one I’ve found is a portable and you once again is talking about where it is installed.

How does the performance of my network relate to a program not starting that is 100% stored and run locally?
But to answer it so you can help me fix it, no it’s not slow. It’s 1GbE running smoothly and the delay option doesn’t fix it even cranked up to 480s.

So there has to be something else.

Portable or not you have put the file somewhere :slight_smile: Where ? I’m sorry but the questions are pretty much basic and you still have not answered.

Again I write about the time your network stack takes to start not it’s speed.

So please just try to read what I write and answer the questions without trying to imagine what they mean. Just read them as raw sentences asking for simple answers.

  1. Where have you put the XbmcStarter executable file.
  2. Does it have admin permissions (depends on where too but well since you ignore that part since the start)
  3. What is visible in task manager / startup
  4. What is visible when you click click then properties in the screen referenced in point 3.

Of course it’s located somewhere but it’s not installed so that’s why I thought there might be another version of the program.

I have answered your questions, maybe partly indirectly, but the info you want is in my previous posts except the last one that’s new.

But here we go.

  1. In sub folder to Program Files
    Since I’ve already said that it runs with admin privileges I kind of thought that it wasn’t an issue in regards to your other answers.
    And if it’s correct what you say above that this is of importance my suggestions to clarify this on How to start Kodi remotely from Yatse seems more than valid since that text only mention it regarding to where Kodi is installed.

where “it” read in context equals xbmcstarter.
4. If click click equals a double click then nothing happens but a right click and properties get me to the properties for xbmcstarter.exe, the same as when you do it in File Explorer.

Sometimes I really wonder why I do support :slight_smile: I must be really bad at it since people just don’t read.

You never tell where the exe was.

Can you please move it in a folder not in program files like C:\Starter. Uncheck the option close the app, restart the app show the option. (Sorry to be clear enough, the start with windows option)

Can you please explain how you gave the exe admin right with screenshots too.

About Task Manager of course it get listed you said it (and I can read :wink: )but I asked what you see so maybe asking for a screenshot would have been more clear?

For the last part yes I was talking about right click sorry and was requiring a screenshot too.
And a screenshot of the compatibility tab too.