Xbmc starter don't work for me

Issue description: it does not start kodi 18.5

Additional information: Windows 10 2004 update, xbmc starter version from yatse link, port 5600 on both yatse and xbmc starter, even portforwarded it to my pc, allowed it in the firewall.

It says starting kodi when I press it but nothing happens. Everything else works.

If only there was a template for support asking for mandatory logs :wink:

Logs from yatse mailed. Anything else you want?

I missed enabling wake on lan in kodi. Your guide does not include this step FYI.
Works now that is enabled.

I have no idea what option you are talking about and it’s not related to Yatse starter.

Kodi > Settings > System > Power saving > Try to wakeup remote servers on access

Nvm even disabling that makes it work. Hm.
I moved Kodi to my ssd and disabled use mobile data if weak WiFi connection.
Don’t know what fixed it.

Probably the move as before not starting the starter as admin :wink: