Wrong poster in Yatse

Hello everyone,

after changing the poster of a movie or a movieset in Kodi, Yatse often holds on to an older version of the poster. Is there a way to update the poster in Yatse to the recent one?


If only there was a template and everything to have proper issues opened :wink:

Without more details it’s impossible to answer, but either Kodi returns different urls and you just need to force sync. Or the urls are the same and you need to clear image cache in the settings.

hey, thanks for your reply.
I don’t know what info to include. or what template i should have used, sorry for that…

however, forcing sync does not really help, I do that quite often because I constantly find mistakes in my movie .nfo files that I correct and then force sync to get the data in Yatse up to date. But today I found a filmset poster in Yatse that I had replaced in Kodi months ago, and I had force synced Yatse a dozen or more times since then. But still, in Yatse the old poster was displayed.

Usually what works is changing the poster of the title in question to another one within Kodi, then do a force sync and check if the new poster was updated (repeat process if not), then change back to the poster (within Kodi) that I actually want to use, force sync, and hope that this time it worked… It can be quite annoying (and time consuming) if several titles are affected…

I had hoped this was a known issue and there was an easy answer for it (e.g. maybe I’m just stupid and/or I am doing something wrong).

So this is not a Yatse but a Kodi issue, Kodi submitting wrong image data?

When you create a post it’s pre filled with everything, you just deleted all without reading :wink:

Anyway as I said if Kodi returns the same urls you need to clear Yatse image cache in the settings .

ah, see, thet’s what I mean, it’s just me being stupid. I did not know I could clear the Yatse cache in the settings. (In your previous post I thought you were talking of the Kodi DB image cache…)

And the template, aehm, yes, sorry, it did confuse me to find the textbox prefilled, but still I deleted it without reading (and without thinking…). I am really sorry for that.

As for the urls: I use local images, Kodi looks for a file ‘poster.jpg’. So if I replace that file Yatse might not update the poster because it regards it unchanged?

Yes if it’s the same name it’s seen as the same for optimization.

Ok, thanks, that was helpful. And sorry again for my stupidity; should I post another question I will pay more attention.